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Glues, Adhesives and Cements

This is a description of materials that were traditionally used to attach various materials together. Important distinctions need to be made in order to clarify different properties of the materials.

ADHESIVE - to attach together with another substance, usually introduced between materials and physically attach each different material together.

COHESIVE - to attach together without another substance, usually molecular bonding of materials. This is done with materials that melt or bond materials by slightly dissolving each surface.

GLUE - the substance to attach materials together (adhesive), this material is the physical bond that in its strength holds divergent materials together. (Here you can see what is the best glue for wood )

CEMENT - the substance used to attach materials together, this bonding material can act as both a physical bond as well as a chemical bond.

All of these sticking materials are organic in nature and largely unaltered from their original states in nature. These are the materials that have been used for centuries, are still available today and should be used in restoration work to replace exactly the original materials. Other benefits include health considerations, most are a proteinaceous base and quite safe.

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